Insurance services

Insurance services

Along with convenient banking, Rabitabank now offers convenient insurance services.

Compulsory insurance of real  estate

Along with convenient banking, Rabitabank now offers convenient insurance services. It is a type of insurance required by legislation and providing for insurance compensation in case of natural disasters, fires, explosions, floods and others. The insurance premium for this type of insurance is 50 manats in Baku, 40 manats in Ganja, Sumgayit and Nakhchivan, and 30 manats in other cities and regions. The sum insured under this type of insurance, i.e. the amount to be paid by the insurance company to the estate owner in the event of an accident, is 25,000 manats in Baku, 20,000 manats in Ganja, Sumgayit and Nakhchivan, and 15,000 manats in other cities and regions.

Voluntary insurance of real estate


Insurance of the property against fire and other risks provides for full or partial compensation for damage to the estate, together with other items located in its territory and (or) inside, or separately as a result of damage or destruction or loss in any form as a result of fire or other accidents. Fire insurance covers the risks of damage to buildings and their contents as a result of fire, lightning, explosion of gas or steam boilers used for domestic purposes, such as heating and cooking. Such risks include events that may occur both in homes and in buildings and structures used for commercial and industrial purposes. The guarantee provided under a standard insurance contract covering the fire risks listed above may be extended by the guarantee for other risks in exchange for an additional insurance premium. For example, if you want to get a guarantee for the damages caused to your estate due to an explosion (steam boiler and reasons other than that), revolt, biased actions of people, earthquake, impact of vehicles and other foreign objects, storm, flood, pipe burst, water leakage, theft and other such reasons, you will have to pay a higher premium than you would pay for a standard insurance certificate. In case of estate insurance against the risk of theft, the insurance premium is paid if the estate is stolen despite all security measures. That is, a person who forgets to close the door of the house will not be able to receive payment in case of theft. This means that in order for the theft to be considered an insured event, the entry or exit to the insured objects must be made by force, and the thief must defeat security measures to enter the premises. Loss or damage in the guarantee against fire and theft must be the result of a specific risk - the occurrence of fire or theft. However, there may be other circumstances in which the property may be damaged. The insured property may suddenly fall, be hit or simply disappear. In such cases, property insurance against all risks is also offered. This guarantee insures the property against any loss or damage (including fire and theft).

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